Talas handled by Venkata Kavi


Given below are a list of many of the talas known to have been handled or mentioned by Venkata Kavi in his compositions.  While there are numerous compositions in talas like Adi, Mishra Chapu and several in Roopakam and Khanda Chapu, the vaggeyakara's mastery and passion in the area of rhythm comes through not only in several talas he has employed that have not been touched by most other classical composers but also the manner in which he has created gati-bhedams and madhyamakalas even in talas like Adi. 

(It has not been possible to ascertain the talas of a few of his compositions from available sources so far and search is on to locate the same.  Anyone with authentic information regarding the same may kindly contact us).


S no Tala name
1 Ādi
2 Roopakam
3 Mishra Chāpu
4 Khaṇḍa Chāpu
5 Chaturashra Ēkam
6 Chaturashra Jhampa
7 Khaṇḍa Aṭa
8 Khaṇḍa Dhruva
9 Khaṇḍa Ēkam
10 Khaṇḍa Maṭhya
11 Khaṇḍa Roopaka
12 Khaṇḍa Tripuṭa
13 Mishra Aṭa
14 Mishra Jhampa
15 Sankeerṇa Maṭhya
16 Tishra Tripuṭa