Facts & Stats


A quick scan across the statistical information that has been collated in this site about Venkata Kavi's compositions, ragas and talas used and other related information. Click on relevant hyperlinks for detailed information on each point mentioned below.

  • List of compositions

    This list includes compositions of Venkata Kavi that have been collected and researched upon till date.

  • Ragas cluster

    Lists the different kind of ragas used by this composer alongwith the ragas mentioned by him in his compositions.

  • Talas used

    This list shows a compilation of talas handled by the composer.

  • Deities worshipped

    A compilation of the deities on which Venkata Kavi has composed.

  • Kshetras visited

    A compilation of the pilgrimage centres visited.

  • Operas composed

    A list of full-fledged operas that have been studied till now.

  • Personalities eulogized

    While Venkata Kavi has composed operas on several and also cited numerous others in other krtis, this list is only those on whom he has composed one-off songs.