Positive Approach


A cursory glance of Venkata Kavi's krtis will enable us to understand that he lived in a very exalted plane in life, much above the mundane approach. It seems this exalted state of mind enabled to eternally think of God, music and divine ecstasy and seemed to be in a state of eternal fulfillment.

kodukka kannanirukka
kooda raadhai irukka kuraidaane kaanomadi

"When we have Lord Krshna accompanied by Radha to give us everything, what can we complain about?"

vaangum enakku irukai aanaal arulai
vazhangum unakku pannirukai engal
vadivela neelamayilerum tanikai valar

"While I've only two hands to receive, you have 12 to bestow boons, oh Vadivela!"
In another composition on Guru, he says "what more do I want when I have access to my Guru's lotus feet? What can be greater than this?"

innum enna venum sholladi – enakinnum ennadaan venum sholladi – engum
inaiyillaada sadguru guru malaradihalum irundida adanilum shiranda oru porul

Another composition which shows that his thoughts were always consumed by devotion to the Lord and singing his praise –

kodutta vaitta punniyavaan
kuttramillaada harikathaiyadanai
shatrukkanamenum kettavar yevaro
kondu padam paadi ninravar evaro
guru padamalar tozhudavar evaro – avare

"The most blessed person is one who has heard the flawless stories of Hari atleast for a second, one who has sung his praise through songs and one who has saluted the Guru's feet!"

Venkata Kavi's songs are always filled with a positive vibration and shows that he always dwelt on extolling the divine.