Though many pieces from this opera are yet to be discovered, the ones that are available reveal that they are part of a continuous thread belonging single story-line (opera) and not one-off pieces.

Given below is a list of songs that have been discovered from the Mahabharata opera. Apart from this, the composer has also composed a piece on the greatness of this epic – maa bhaaratam mahaa bhaaratam in Khamach.


S no Composition Raga Tala
1 Dharaṇitanil
2 endaiyē idu enna vindai
3 Kanjikku eedāhumā
4 Mandākini kaṛai Simhēndramadhyamam Ādi
5 Mantrālōchanai sheidār
6 Toodu pōha vēṇḍām aṇṇā
7 Vandār kuru puṇya bhoomi Ārabhi Ādi
8 Veṇṇaiyē kaḷavāḍi illai